Plovdiv University

Plovdiv University (PU) is a leading cultural and scientific higher education institution, the largest in Southern Bulgaria, and the second largest Bulgarian university. It was founded in1961 and has a history of fifty five years of intense education and research activity. Plovdiv University maintains active international cooperation with most European countries, as well as with the USA and various Asian and African partners. Moreover, it maintains strong academic relations with partners in Europe, Russia and in the Middle East. The University currently offers over sixty graduate programs in the natural, humanistic, social and economic sciences. Over 8, 000 full-time and 5,000 part-time students are enrolled in the programs and courses by the university’s eight faculties. The team working on the project consists of researchers from the Faculty of Philosophy and History and the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences that are specialized in research and consultation in the field of social, political and economic changes in the country with a focus on policy analysis, management of human resources, entrepreneurship, private and public investments in human capital and others.

Key players

Siyka KovachevaSiyka Kovacheva, PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor, Vice-Dean in the Faculty of Philosophy and History, specializes in the study of youth transitions from education to employment, young people’s experiences of unemployment, life projects and strategies to manage uncertainty. She has participated in research projects applying a life course perspective and qualitative methodology.

Borislava PetkovaBorislava Petkova, PhD in Anthropology, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and History, has expertise in biographical interviews, young people’s identity formation and agency.

Yulia DzhabarovaYulia Dzhabarova, PhD in Marketing, Associate Professor, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, specializes in the study of labour markets, skills supply and demand, the new economy, and regional development.