Working Paper

In this section you can find Working Papers produced within the YOUNG_ADULLLT project documenting the research process as well as presenting preliminary results:


WP 2 - State-of-the-Art Report (PDF, 5,3 MB)
The State-of-the-Art Report conceptualises the research along the adopted theoretical perspectives and outlines methodological principles of the study.

WP 3 - National Reports on LLL Policies (PDF, 7,3 MB)
The report provides an in-depth analysis of national and regional strategies of LLL policies for young adults.

WP 3 - International Report on LLL Policies (PDF, 2,5 MB)
The International Report outlines the differences across the nations and regions in Europe, highlighting the tensions and challenges in implementing LLL policies across the different levels.

WP 10 - Working Paper on Ethical Issues (PDF, 0,5 MB)
The Working Paper on Ethical Issues informs about the fundamentals of research ethics and provides orientation regarding project-specific ethical issues and requirements.