6th Consortium Meeting of the project in Lisbon

The Consortium of the YOUNG_ADULLLT European research project has met for its sixth and last time in Lisbon on February 12 and 13.

During the first day, the members of the Consortium have discussed the last steps to take, which included submitting the Final Report to Research, Policy and Practice as well as the European Policy Brief. In accordance with the project´s main questions and objectives, the Final Report aimed at responding to the most pressing issues that traverse lifelong learning in Europe, such as social and youth vulnerability, mismatches in identifying policy problems and devising solutions, or attempts to develop a better-coordinated policy-making. The authors of the Final Report have successfully coped with the high amount of knowledge generated during the project´s lifetime and have captured the most relevant information for further research, policy-implementation and practice. The authors of the European Policy Brief, in turn, have summarised the results of national Policy Roundtables, which took place on eighteen sites across Europe, and have developed a number of policy implications and policy recommendations for European policy-makers. Within the Consortium Meeting, the members have discussed the possibility of further disseminating the project´s results and collaborating in common activities.
During the second day, Early Career Researchers have met to agree upon further research plans and have decided to share their interests on topics studied in YOUNG_ADULLLT. As a result, they have established a network – "RYOT-Network: Research on Youth's Opportunities in Transition" – for future cooperation and coordination of their research studies.

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