Work Package 10

Ethics and Dissemination

A fundamental matter of good research is proper ethical conduct; compliance with moral, ethical, and legal principles are not to be considered an addendum to excellent research but are a critical part of research excellence actually. The aim of WP 10 is to ensure that all partners are informed about the fundamentals of research ethics, about “best practice” research standards, and about European and national legal provisions. This includes developing a framework of general moral, ethical, and legal principles and provisions, which create a common ground of shared values and understandings to support the conduct of research in YOUNG_ADULLLT as well as general and specific guidelines for implementing the project tasks in accordance with the principles of research ethics by producing a working paper on ethical issues.

A second important element of WP 10 is a Dissemination and Publication Plan. It aims at facilitating dissemination of project findings by developing a communication and publication strategy that ensures effective and intensive dissemination of YOUNG_ADULLLT project results.

Working Paper on Ethical Issues (PDF, 0.2 MB)